Executive Transportation

Many people, when they think of limousines, think of weddings, proms, or nights on the town.  All of those things are typical uses for a limousine, but what often gets overlooked is corporate travel needs.


Whether it’s a ride to a local airport, a trip to a business meeting, or entertaining the office for a job well done, all the options that are available for traditional limousine clients are also there for executives.  Granted, an understated Lincoln Town Car may be the preferred choice over, say… a super stretch Hummer H2 limo, but you never know when a 40 passenger limo bus may come in handy, say for a corporate weekend retreat.

BUS-40 -- Outside

Airport transportation is always something that comes up.  Why use a smelly cab when you can arrive in style and comfort – with room for all your luggage – in a luxury sedan or executive SUV?  There are even hybrid vehicles available if you want to make a green impression with clients.


If you’d like more information about corporate / executive travel options, please visit our website, give us a call, or our Facebook page for more information.




6 comments on “Executive Transportation

  1. Excellent write-up. The traveling executive needs reliable transportation.

  2. suvlimola says:

    This is really the only way to be sure you don’t miss those all important appointments!

  3. Good information. A reliable limo service is invaluable to the traveling executive.

  4. Great article, and so true. Relying on a taxi or an amateur “car service” is a recipe for disaster when traveling for business.

  5. Agreed. You can’t beat a profession limousine service when it comes to the needs of the traveling executive.

  6. Thanks for the nice write up. We agree that busy executives need something more than a taxi or ‘amateur’ car services made up of part time drivers with cell phones.

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