Memorable Indeed!!!

Stop doing the same old thing every weekend!  Go out and explore new places, new ideas and really exciting things right in your own “backyard”.  A lot of people tend to forget or are not even aware of all the great things to do in Marina Del Rey. Below are just a couple suggestions of really wonderful things I’ve experienced myself in the Marina.

Marina Del Rey

For all you romantics out there – this is one of my favorites!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! Near the Marina you’ll find a great limousine company called Century West Limousine.  Make arrangements for a 4 hour limo ride- Sunday-Friday (it’s less expensive & most of the time you can get a really great deal)….Huh, so what to do in four hours? When your chauffeur arrives have chilled champagne and soft music to get you in the mood.  Your luxurious limo ride will be just the beginning of a spectacular evening. (Daytime is wonderful too).

Marina Del Rey Shopping

Where to go? OK, in the Marina there is company called Gondolas D’Amore.  That’s right take a tour on a gondola along the Marina.  Pampered you and your significant other will definitely be. You will glide silently past Fisherman’s Village and its surrounding stores. For all you animal lovers out there you will see pelicans and seals hanging around the live bait tanks. The gondolas are truly luxurious and feature everything you might desire for comfort and romance. Italian music, pillows, and candles set the mood. Along with the tour be prepared to have appetizers, chocolates, and fresh roses. If you would rather have dinner on your tour, you can order from the Cheesecake Factory in advance and your captain will pick it up for you.

Gondola in Marina Del Rey

These two luxurious rides together will definitely have your lover talking about this night forever. It will be a night to remember for the both of you.  One of those experiences that you will share for a lifetime, and friends and family will admire you unique idea.  Most people who grow up here in the Marina or Venice have yet to experience such beauty.

Need to propose? Need I say more? Call today for more information.  Both the Limousine Service and Gondolas D’Amore have more ideas that will blow your bride to be or husband to be away!!!!

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for more exotic ideas!!!!




One comment on “Memorable Indeed!!!

  1. Marina Del Rey is a treasure of Los Angeles. Definitely worth a day trip.

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