Turning 21? Safety First!

So you’re baby’s turning 21!  What to do, what to wear, what to drink… is what your baby is thinking. What a parent’s nightmare! Well it’s that time to make sure everyone is happy but more importantly make sure your baby is safe.
“Safe?! It’s party time!” (says your baby)… “I’ll have a designated driver” they might tell you, but don’t buy into that. Remember when you were 21? Yeah didn’t make a lot of wise choices did you?  Most likely your son or daughter will plan on coming home late and drinking until the party ends.
As a parent you should make sure transportation is covered (safely).  You don’t want to make your newly 21 year old feel that they can’t make the right choices, so as a gift offer them a ride in a stretch limousine to the place of their choice.  Depending on how many people are invited you can get a limousine that fits anywhere between 10-20 passengers.  Something like a Hummer, Escalade, or Chrysler stretch.  If your 21 year old has a large group of friends, they can have the party in a party bus, that will seat up to 36 fellow party goers.
You might be thinking YIKES, the cost!  In reality this is all for the assurance that you as a parent did the due diligence to get your child home safely.  Chauffeurs are aware that there are a lot of drunk drivers out there and are extra cautious.  Whereas even if, your son or daughter truly has a designated driver, that “designated” driver does not have the comparable experience as a Chauffeur would.
Not only would this be a night to remember for your son or daughter for a life time, but at least you can have some kind of peace of mind that you put your money where it counts.  Safety!
The bottom line is that this is a night for them to party, so decision making will not be up to par.  Take the preliminary steps in assuring your baby will not be the one drinking and driving as well as having the assurance that you don’t need to depend on their friends to bring them home in one piece.
Chauffeurs not only have the experience, but also make sure that there isn’t a bad apple on board that would perhaps introduce drugs to this night of many events.  The chauffeur for the evening will insure that the passengers know the rules.  NO DRUGS ON BOARD!  In the end, your money isn’t wasted, after all this is for your baby!
For more information, feel free to visit our website: http://www.centurywestlimo.com/

One comment on “Turning 21? Safety First!

  1. suvlimola says:

    Safety first, indeed! 21st birthday parties can get crazy quickly, and we don’t want any of the party goers getting behind the wheel!

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