Los Angeles Clubbing in a Limo

Question: What’s the best way to hang out with your friends on a Saturday night in Hollywood or on the Sunset Strip?


Answer: In a stretch limousine!

Sure, you can carpool in one of your friend’s cars and go to a few different clubs.  It is possible to do it that way. But there are a few problems with that method. The first is the big risk of drinking and driving. The second problem is trying to fit all your friends in one car. The third is dealing with all the Hollywood traffic. The fourth is parking hassles. The fifth is taking all your friends home at the end of the night.

You could also go the cab route, but that doesn’t help when it comes to more than 3 people. Plus you’re not exactly creating a stir when you pull up to the club in a dirty cab!

Hollywood clubs in a limo

However, replace your own car or the cab scenario above with a stretch limousine and you’re golden! Depending on the number of friends in your group, you can either get a Lincoln Town Car L-Series sedan, a Lincoln or Chrysler stretch limousine, a super stretch SUV limo like an Escalade or Hummer H2, or a party bus. The Town Car (L-Series) will be good for about 3-4 friends. The stretch Lincoln or Chrysler limo will be good for 8-10. The super stretch SUV limo will hold up to 20. And the party bus will handle up to 40 friends!

Limousine driver

Whichever you choose, you’ll get a professional and well trained chauffeur that will pick you up at your place – and also stop at your friend’s places to get them if needed – and take you wherever you want to go. Hop form bar to bar or club to club. Your limo will drop you off in front (and in style), and pick you up when you’re done (once again, in style). Your transportation is just a phone call away.2_girls_in_limousine

You can also begin and/or continue the party in the limousine in between stops. Bring your own adult beverages of choice. The limo will have the glasses, waters, sodas and ice. And if you’re in one of the party buses, you also have your own restroom! Good luck taking care of that if you’re squeezed into your car with 4 friends, or riding in a cab.


But the best thing about having your own limousine for the night is that you don’t have to worry about getting stopped by the police, or endangering your life, your friend’s lives, or the lives of those out on the street. When you think about it, a limousine is really the only way to go. And if you don’t know which limo you need, or need more questions answered about renting a limousine for your night out, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you out in every way we can!

Thanks for reading!

– Century West Limousine Staff