Limo To Las Vegas, Baby!


Planning a trip to Las Vegas form the Los Angeles area?  Sure, you could drive yourself, but you’d have to deal with the traffic, the monotony of highway 15, the high gas prices, and the extreme heat that’s no friend to your car!
Another option would be to fly there, with an airline like Southwest, for example.  The price is usually quite reasonable, but you still have to deal with getting to the airport, parking, luggage wrangling , TSA security, delayed and over-crowded flights, and the dreaded baggage carrousels.  Plus you have to repeat the whole process on your return trip.  Ugh!

Obviously, being a Los Angeles limousine service, we would like to suggest you try going to Las Vegas in a limo.  There are plenty of vehicle options that will fit your space needs, and budget.  Plus, if you bring along a few friends, not only does the price per person drop, but you get to hang out with your pals, listen to music, watch movies, have a drink, or just kick back and take a snooze.  You don’t need to worry about dealing with the traffic, or the high gas prices.  And your chauffeur will help you with your luggage; when he picks you up, and when he drops you right in front of your hotel (no smelly cab rides from McCarran Airport for you).

We have special rates for drop off in Las Vegas, as well as return trips back to your home.  Of course if your budget is higher, or you want the convenience of your own personal limousine during your entire Las Vegas stay, we can arrange that too.

So think about us the next time you’re headed to Las Vegas.  It may not be the cheapest way to get there, but you’d be hard pressed to find a more luxurious way…

Los Angeles Limousien Service - Century West Limo

We hope you’ll give us a try!

Thank you!

Century West Limousine Staff


4 comments on “Limo To Las Vegas, Baby!

  1. harry watson says:

    Limousines taxi cabs are the comfortable, reliable and cheap way of having a tour than buying a limousine. It is a pleasure for every one to get a ride on in.

  2. Qalab A. says:

    I agree! Las Vegas is the place to go all out! A Vegas trip is the perfect time to hire a limo service and not worry about transportation at all.

  3. Well, indeed, limo can save the day from such stressful traffic, onboard music, videos and drinks can entertain guest.

    limousine service in atlanta

  4. You can’t go wrong with a limo to Vegas!

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